Welcome to the web site of Prádelna a čistírna Jihlava (Jihlava Laundry and Cleaning Plant)

Jihlava Laundry and Cleaning Plant
Prádelna a čistírna Jihlava, s.r.o. Rantířovská 13, 586 05 Jihlava

New technology

We have introduced a new technology for processing of the cleaning plant’s orders


We have increased the capacity of laundry

By purchasing of new technological equipment for processing...


Welcome to the web site of Prádelna a čistírna Jihlava (Jihlava Laundry and Cleaning Plant)

If you are looking for high-quality services in the field of laundering and textile leasing as well as clothing and work clothes cleaning, you are at the right address. 

We offer our services to a wide spectrum of clients We wash all types of laundry, not only for large hotels, but also for other types of accommodation and catering facilities, industrial companies and the armed forces. We use advanced continuous washing line KANNEGIESSER.

Our company does not provide washing and cleaning of hospital linen, as rendering such services is not consistent with the requirements of our customers.

The services of our plant are also offered, of course, to small traders and citizens who can bring their laundry and clothing for processing to our collection center.

Linen washing and clothing cleaning are not the only activities we can offer to our customers. We are ready to offer long-term or short-term leasing of both bedding and terry cloth and work clothes.

Furthermore, if you are interested, we can consult you on buying linen to be sure that the linen you buy will fit your business, not only from the point of view of the appearance, quality and price, but also in terms of the possibility to wash this linen in an industrial laundry plant without any fear of it being damaged. We also may intermediate the purchase of high-quality linen with [approved] and reliable suppliers.

An integral part of our services is also laundry pick-up and delivery. We use vans that are designed exclusively for this purpose. Our vehicles are equipped with [handling facilitating lifting platforms. The laundry is transported in special shipping containers, protecting the clothing from contamination and damage.

If our services appeal to you, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail. We can make you an offer that will match your requirements.